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13 april 2021
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13 april 2021

If you have not had another TTP agreement, HMRC is open to structured payment plans for a period of 12 months or less. If your company has always submitted its papers on time, paid all taxes and is not trying to avoid paying HMRC, all of this will be beneficial for your case. The removal of property is generally not the first middle way of a judicial officer. In extreme situations, they can take a roaming property, which means that you are not free to own that property until you reach an agreement with the IRS. You are not allowed to access your premises, but if you let them in, you can exercise property rights. This encourages them to own or threaten vehicles outside the site. It is very important that you ensure that the agreed payments are paid on time and in full – which means that when negotiating the agreement, you have to be sure that the agreed amounts are actually affordable. A default puts the company in a very serious situation and HMRC will take enforcement action. Depending on your circumstances, you may negotiate overtime to pay the amount owed under a time-to-pay agreement with HMRC. Payment conditions are usually between 3 and 6 months, but up to 12 months may be possible.

The time offered depends on your current circumstances, previous payment history and the risk you perceive to be perceived by HMRC. Remember that HMRC want the TTP agreement on the shortest time, with the highest possible refunds to quickly recover their money. However, you should be careful to offer only what you can afford and be sure that your company will be able to meet its obligations, as defined in the plan, before it is agreed. Make sure returns are up to date: HMRC is more likely to agree on payment time when returns are up to date and appropriate accountability has been established. The Tax Office will publish more information as it becomes available; In the meantime, companies and agents may find the following reminders useful about what should normally be taken into account when negotiating payment time with HMRC.

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