Scope Of The Settlement Agreement
12 april 2021
Shareholders Agreement Under Companies Act 2013
12 april 2021

The exclusive pack offers the shortest reaction times and solutions, on-site disaster service and the availability of all critical applications. We distinguish between three types of cloud services: Software As A Service (SAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS) and Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS). Examples of SAAS solutions are Microsoft 365 and the exact online financial package. An ICT company that creates and offers software itself can rent hardware (IAAS) or hardware with an operating system (PAAS) from a cloud service provider. The ERP system is essential to day-to-day operations. The purpose of making ComputerPlan available is therefore to prevent as much disruption as possible from the system. If a failure occurs, our Service Desk corrects it in accordance with prefabricated agreements. The Service Desk is also available for all your questions. After completing this questionnaire, you will receive appropriate advice for a service package. The answer to the questions takes only a few minutes.

The Comfort Pack is for organizations that want a mix of service guarantees. We will discuss together the need for a bespoke package. With iWebDevelopment, we offer the best possible support. Our links are easy to install, if you need help, our team is ready for you. We offer installation service and several SLA agreements so that you always have support that`s right for you. It is important to make good agreements on the desired level of service. This way, you ensure the continuity of critical processes in your exact software environment. All agreements are covered by a Service Level Contract (SLA). You can choose from an Essentials, Extensive, Exclusive and Comfort package. Do you need help making the decision? Then fill in the ComputerPlan Service Selector! Exact offers a real-time overview of your hotel finances as well as relationship management tools, everything is integrated and automated in an online package. Connect Mews to Exact to have full transparency of your accounting system in Mew`s operations. With a Bronze ALS, a ticket is created by the office manager during telephone contact.

Do you want your ticket to be launched faster? Simply create your ticket yourself If the outage cannot be fixed by the Desk Service, it will be redirected to the 2nd line support. The duration of the manipulation then depends on the complexity of the malfunction. Our goal is to provide support within 24 hours. If you have a Silver ALS, we will try to respond within 16 hours. The ComputerPlan Service Selector recommends the package that best meets the requirements you impose on our services. After completing this questionnaire, you will receive appropriate advice for a service package. The answer to the questions takes only a few minutes. WARNINGThe consultation can be printed directly or you can select the text and save it yourself. You access the special web page of the service solution after clicking. Can only be purchased by users in the business plan or business plan.

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