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8 april 2021
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8 april 2021

“This breed is the greatest victim in the history of mankind,” Heart`s CEO tells his sycophatantes. “It`s a bloody altar. The soaked top of a Mayan temple. Smoke from an erupting volcano on Olympus. And this pleasant aroma is not for a god, but for Heart Enterprises, the most powerful company in the known universe. This guy doesn`t think much of himself, he thinks less about Slink, and he gives Just enough rope to The Gentleman to make a Cravat for himself. Blood Drive forced us back into our seats as we race through the winding streets of Heart Corporation, further revealing the deviant behavior that takes place behind the scenes of the mega-group. The most dominant company in the universe is taking over the world. We all know this from Heart logos on everything, but it is more hidden in its murky depth. The Blood Drive was designed to test the blood motor – an engine that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but it`s just a drop of blood from Heart Corporation.

Just a drop, but it`s a big, powerful drop. This drop must be brought to a global audience, so that a new High Priest becomes the ceremonies of the gentiles. Did you think the price of gas was bad? Try two value-for-money menus at Wah Wah Burgers for $46.01. What makes these burgers fresh? In case you missed it, there was a Kox Meat Packer logo at the Drive-Thru window. You remember those people, don`t you? They made the right burgers at Pixie Swallows. Just last week, there was an ad for them on the back of Domi magazine read it in the spa. If you`ve discovered other Kox logos in previous episodes, let me know. Some memories to catch up: Grace learned that her sister died, and now she has no will to live, Julian Slink was removed from the blood drive – and he went through… The gentleman. A racing driver is no longer, dude is now responsible for all this. As soon as the gentleman returns to the mayhem party, Grace is on a rather destructive track and defies her authority as the new leader of things. He uses this box to, as usual, injure the inside of his head.

After blowing up the last two runners of the race (actually for kicking), The Gentleman tries to kill Grace at the party, but The Scholar explains that the chips in their heads do not work inside the walls of the Mayhem festival. After crawling through the blood door, the eight-metre ogre begins to tear people apart. The gentleman took a scene out while his evening is laid bare. Goodbye with other runners, we barely knew you. Charging the scholar to replace the box to work inside the walls was his loss. There is so much abuse that a person can accept. After all, Grace and Arthur are the ones who saved the scientist. Making him our dynamic duo is an exciting evolution.

But with Susie`s condition, which will escape from blood at first, having him with him will be of great help. The discovery that Slink was manipulating everyone in the race was not as great as a shock. The depths in which he went to move the pieces around the board were however.

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