Non Solicit Agreements
13 december 2020
Oak Park Collective Bargaining Agreement
14 december 2020

CONSIDERING that the assignor and the subject are the original parties to a mail-order agreement of May u, 2017, referred to as the “subject contract”; By mutual agreement between the parties and in view of the commitments and dissemination it contains (the sufficient recitals that the parties recognize) NOW THEREFORE THIS DEED WITNESSETH as follows: . [Representative parties] [If the “Original RC Novation” has already taken place, replace this reference with a reference to the Regional Corporation and make the necessary changes during this document] . The original part states to the New Party that the copy of the TPAA is attached to Schedule 1 and is an authentic and complete copy. The contractor entered into a contract with the State of Maryland through the Maryland Department of Health (the “State”) with the number __MDH/OPASS (the “contract”); and CET ACCORD OF ASSIGNMENT AND NOVATION (this “Assignment and Novation Agreement”) will be concluded from November 12, 2018 by and between Gregory T. Lucier (“Assignor”), River Road Capital Partners, LLC (“Assignee”) and NuVasive, Inc. (the “Company”). Wholesale terms that are used here but are not defined must have the meanings assigned to you in the agreement (as defined below). This ASSIGNMENT AND NOVATION AGREEMENT (this “agreement”) will become from August 31, 2020 between and between KMSMITH, LLC. a company established under Delaware, U.S. law and with an office in Highlands Ranch, Co., UNITED States (“Assignor”) and 76 resources, Inc.

a company created under the laws of Delaware, United States, which has an office in Highlands Ranch, Co, USA (“Assignee”) and NioCorp Developments, Ltd. (“NioCorp”), a company created under the laws of the Province of British Columbia and headquartered at 7000 S. Yosemite, Suite 115, Centennial, Colorado, 80112. National Federation of Sub-Postmasters (verband) (2) and National Federation of Sub-Postmasters (Incorporated company) (3) . This California Competes Tax Assignment and Novation Agreement (“Novation Agreement”) is closed by and between Sunshine Butter Company, LLC, a California limited liability company (“Assignor”), Heritage Distributing Company, a California-based company (“Assigneeee”) and the California Governor`s Office of Business and Economic Development (“GO-Biz” (“parties,” collectively.

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