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7 december 2020
Efdi Cooperation Agreement
7 december 2020

For new leases from 1 June 2019, private landlords and landlords are not able to charge tenants or third parties (for example. B.Bungen) the cost of awarding, suing or renewing a lease. Stop fees are limited to 1 week`s rent and bonds to 5 weeks` rent. Standard royalties can be challenged. This will apply from June 1, 2020 for all leases. Website: We are a district-wide housing assistance service, free and confidential for people at risk of losing their homes or needing additional help to maintain their independence. You can ask for help, regardless of your home – for example, if you have a rental agreement with a private landlord, council or housing company, or if you own a home. If you are a private owner and your property has been empty for six months, please click here to see if the Council can help. During a lease agreement, the owner must fulfill many obligations and requirements. See Renting a property. All new tenants will receive a short-term lease (or start-up lease). After a trial period – usually a year – if you meet all the conditions of your start-up rental, you get a secure lease. DON`T RUSH INTO MAKING A DECISIONDurham has a large number of real estate agents, individual renters and rental properties with an increasing volume of accommodation available for students.

We advise you not to rush and take the time to carefully consider all the factors before signing a lease. Do you understand the contract? Make sure you understand the terms of your contract before you sign it. The owner must inform you at least 24 hours in advance in order to verify your contract. A lease is a legally binding document. It is therefore important to be satisfied with the location of the roommates, the rental levels of your accommodation and all the other details described before signing a contract that cannot be terminated. To ensure that the contract is legal and that your rights are properly protected, please visit the Durham Students` Union`s Advice Service web pages for contract review.

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