Collective Nouns And Verb Agreement Practice
5 december 2020
Concessions And Agreements
6 december 2020

This license agreement for the common application® (“Agreement”) is between you (both the person who accesses one or the other of our web services and between a single legal person for which that person acts) (“you” or “your”) and the common application, Inc. (“Common application” or “We” or “We” or “Our”). The licenses granted under the agreement are also aimed exclusively at students who wish to use our internet services for university admission as part of their use of our website, as well as to higher education institutions and universities that are also members of the common application. Note that the “Site” is defined in this agreement by our terms of use that are displayed on 6.1 The law. This Agreement and any issues arising from this Agreement or any issue related to this Agreement are governed by the internal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, without registration in the Act taking effect, except that, in the case of a member of a public body, the current law of the state is a member, if that law requires it. This agreement is not subject to the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts or the Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), which is expressly excluded from application. In the event of controversy, claim or dispute between the parties arising from or in connection with this agreement, such controversies, claims or disputes may be tried exclusively in a state or federal court in Arlington County, Virginia, and the parties irrevocably accept the jurisdiction and tribunal of these courts, except in the case of a member of a public body whose national law prohibits such consent. 6.2 Limitation of liability and exemption. Under no circumstances is any of the parties liable for the indirect, indirect, indirect, special, consecutive or punitive damages suffered by a party or a third party, whether in the context of a contractual or unauthorized action, even if the other party has been informed of the possibility of such damage or whether such damage is foreseeable.

Under no circumstances are we responsible for any wrongdoing or omissions by a licensee of works or services, or claims or means arising from works or products containing the works or used in connection with our Service. Under no circumstances does the liability for damages resulting from this Agreement exceed the amounts you paid for the works or for the use of our service. If our service or works are integrated with other works or products or services or used in connection with other works or products or services, you agree to release us from any claim or other legal action (injury or other) and to keep us free of any products, services or works contained or used in connection with our Service or works. For the purposes of this section 6.2, the common application agrees that the exclusive and exclusive means of making a claim against a member of a public body arising from that agreement are in accordance with that member`s law, if that law requires it. 6.3 Severability and renunciation. If a provision of this agreement is considered illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that provision is applied in accordance with the stated intent of the parties or, if it is unable to achieve such an application, it is considered to be dissociated and deleted from this agreement, while the rest of this agreement remains fully in force.

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