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5 december 2020
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5 december 2020

“I have an employment contract with a company. I was informed this morning that the company had changed its name and corporation. They even have a new sign on the building. Does this mean that the treaty is in null and void? More on point, does this mean that I do not have to respect the non-competition agreement? The name change processes are the same as Novation`s. As described in FAR Part 42.1203, the contractor lodges the complaint through a written request to the relevant CO. The name change agreement has a simple administrative change, but requires a change in the contract to ensure the proper management of all remaining work, invoices and payments. The government does not bear any risk as a result of a change in administrative name, nor does this process constitute a conflict of interest that could exclude the government`s recognition of the change. Here`s an example of what can happen to a contract if a company changes its name: you can also sign a separate agreement to confirm a company`s name change. In this case, the amendment agreement includes: If you think about it, it would be a good way to avoid debt by simply changing the name of the company. So, no, a change in name/entity type does not mean that a contract is invalid. As the name change does not affect the material nature of the contract or the consideration, FAR Part 42.1204, which deals specifically with innovation agreements, does not apply to name change agreements.

ABC CORPORATION (Contractor), a properly organized company that exists under the laws of `Insert State` and the United States of America (government), enters into this agreement – [date of entry when the name change came into effect under applicable state law]. (4) The government has documents relating to this name change. Some contracts explicitly state that the parties are “now called XYZ Corporation” or “of another name” or “which may be called the party,” or something known to that effect. Although the possibility of a name change is not explicitly mentioned in the language of the contract, the company does not exit the contracts only by changing its name and legal type. In order to prepare the name change agreement, Part 42.1205 (b) indicates a template containing the required blocks of words and signatures. FAR Part 42.1202, Responsibility for Executing Agreements, includes name change procedures and innovation agreements discussed above. This section describes the contract agent designated as the Contract Agent (CO) responsible for the preparation and signing of the name change contract. As with innovation, the main issue is that CO is responsible for the largest outstanding (unpaid but unpaid) dollar balance. If a company has a significant change of ownership (for example.

B the sale of a business), part of the terms of sale may be the assignment of the contract to the new owner. If the supporting documents are not provided, you may need to consult the contract yourself.

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