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5 december 2020
Change Of Name Agreements
5 december 2020

The Gaming and Betting Act 1985 invalidates all gambling and betting contracts and agreements, unless they comply with the Betting Control Act or other laws legalizing gambling and betting in Western Australia. It also provides that bets made under and under this legislation are recoverable. The Casino (Burswood Island) Agreement Act of 1985 was initially passed to ratify and approve the implementation of the agreement between the State of Western Australia and the Burswood Property Trust for the construction and operation of the Resort Complex, including the Burswood Casino. While most of the commitments set out in the agreement have been met, a number of ongoing commitments remain relevant. The Casino Control Act of 1984 was passed to provide for the creation of a casino in Western Australia, the granting of a casino operating licence and the control of gambling operations within the casino. It also contains provisions for the granting of a casino licence. Please note that casino licence applications can only be received by a public company that has a casino contract with the Agency. As part of a casino complex agreement, the Agency may agree not to approve an application for a casino license submitted by someone else. Burswood Entertainment Complex currently holds the casino operator license exclusively in Western Australia. You need this license if you intend to operate a casino in Western Australia. A higher fee applies to all race codes and races that are defined as a premium race meeting. Premium racing meetings are defined as the following in the regulations based on the value of betting money: the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act of 1987 consolidates the Small Games Act in Western Australia and offers clubs and charities the opportunity to raise funds through lotteries, bingo , two-up and game events. It also gives the Gaming and Wagers Commission the power to oversee the off-course betting activities of Racing and Wagering Western Australia.

The Racing Penalties Appeal Act 1990 authorizes the Racing Penalties Appeal Tribunal of Western Australia to appeal against penalties imposed in disciplinary proceedings arising from or in connection with greyhound racing, horse racing and harness racing.

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