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11 april 2021
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11 april 2021

The short answer is that it makes sense to take market-based bonus signing incentives if the job suits you! It is unwise to take a job that you don`t usually want simply because it offers attractive hiring incentives. Signs-on-incentives are an extra cherry on the cake, not the cake itself. Satisfied nurses who recruit others to work at the hospital can benefit from a “sign-on” bonus to recognize their recruitment efforts. Our data has shown that our employees are our largest source of individual recruitment. Job advertisements are rarely published in newspapers. Carefully check the employer`s ability – and also yours – to change the terms of the employment contract. “If the recruit leaves his or her service before the expiry of four years of service for any reason, including the forced termination initiated, leaves the service, leaves the service himself or otherwise, he agrees to pay the $7500.00 bonus he has received in full in 90 years. The hospital previously worked had a 7500 bonus with moving help up to 1500. The contract must have been two years. If you left a year ago, you must pay it back on a pro-rata basis. So count the time you spent and the amount they`ve already paid you. They did not pay for everything in advance. I think there were 1500 after the internship, then 2,500 after the first year, and the rest after 2 years.

Apart from the contract, there was no legal promisory to sign. No matter how this particular case is resolved, as a nurse, it draws attention to the details that you should be clear when an employer offers you an employment contract, especially if it is a sign-up bonus. Think of these tips: there was once an establishment that I was working during NS that offered a 10K bonus – I worked there for 2 weeks and I quickly understood – it was blood money. “The recruit agrees to pay a loan voucher equivalent to the bonus that expires at the end of the four years of service.” My hospital does not make registration bonuses. But if you accept the refund, you owe them time, or you will pay it back. In general, I don`t accept anything from my work based on my stay there. I love my job, but you know what? I want my options. It`s worth more than the money. And yes, I pay out of my own pocket for my BSN. I`m sure I`m having a hard time studying! The nurse may be asked to refund the registration bonus she received.

Or the employer could be forced to reinstate the nurse with the same salary on the position and the days agreed in the contract. If they give the bonuses this way, no contract is required and no strings are linked to the bonuses. If you stay long enough to reach your birthday, you will receive a little more money. If you leave before your birthday, you don`t. It gives you an incentive to stay, but there is no “penalty” if you go and no trouble with paperwork, taxes, etc. If you are offered an employment contract, have it checked by a nurse`s lawyer before signing. Whatever the lame brain with this sign-up bonus, he must have smoked something! I wouldn`t have signed it either. but, I would have let the money accumulate interest in my bank account for a while, until they got it back.

Hee! Hee! Topics: hiring event, pay, pay, registration bonus The only commitment I signed was for a new grade recipe: in exchange for the 12-week class, I had to commit for an additional 18 months. I`ve never been offered a bonus, but hospitals that offer bonuses (to my knowledge) by consulting reimbursement instead of wanting to recover the full amount. It remains to be seen how this situation would be resolved if the nurse initiated legal action or if the employer took legal action to recover her registration bonus. Registration bonuses are expensive for hospitals and there is no evidence that this practice offers positive and long-term benefits. In my opinion, the practice of offering a registration bonus is, at best, a paradoxical instrument for recruiting health care workers. We shouldn`t have to pay nurses just to go to our hospitals.

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