Chapter 7 Lesson 1 Agreement In Number Answers
8 april 2021
Common Use Agreement Perth
8 april 2021

Partners must operate in an environmentally friendly business environment and in strict compliance with applicable environmental legislation and standards. Partners are not allowed to monopolize the market or engage in unfair competitive practices individually or in consultation with others. Typical examples of this behaviour include practices that infringe the rights and interests of end-users: (i) the distribution of markets by agreement or agreement; (ii) setting resale prices; (iii) the coordination of competing bids; (iv) impose the purchase of related parts; v) abuse a dominant position. Partners must not correlate illegal benefits in any way or transfer them to Huawei employees, including, but not limited to cash, tradable securities and payment vouchers, in order to obtain illegal benefits or maintain cooperation with Huawei. In addition, partners are not permitted to provide Huawei employees with inappropriate gifts and/or labels that go well beyond the relevance of the situation or other behaviours that could be interpreted as inappropriate behavior. Whether or not the interview or gifts are an appropriate commercial label is determined by Huawei at its sole discretion, taking into account various factors, including whether those involved in the donation or receipt would be embarrassed if such events or acts were brought to the public`s attention. Partners must rigorously manage the behaviour of their employees, ensure that employees adhere to their own business conduct policies, and require their employees to adhere to this code of conduct. Partners must comply with all applicable tender or procurement laws when dealing with governments, public bodies, state-owned enterprises, government agencies, quasi-government agencies or local authorities, when dealing with tendering or bidding rules. Eisai requires trading partners to conduct their operations in accordance with fair and vigorous competition and in accordance with all applicable cartel laws. Counterparties apply fair business practices, including accurate and truth-telling advertisements. Eisai requires trading partners to conduct their business ethically and to act with integrity. All forms of corruption, corruption, extortion and embezzlement, including facilitated payments, are prohibited.

Counterparties may not pay or accept bribes or participate in other illegal inducements in commercial or governmental relations or in the use of intermediaries. Counterparties ensure that they have adequate procedures in place to prevent corruption and comply with existing laws. Violations of this code of conduct may lead to a reduction in the incentives to which partners are entitled or the immediate termination of the business relationship with Huawei. In addition, Huawei reserves the right to ask partners to release any losses incurred by Huawei as a result of their violation of this code of conduct. Partners must work with integrity and should not defame or denigrate Huawei or its competitors. Partners are prohibited from providing false or misleading information about competitors or their products and services. Eisai requires trading partners to prevent and mitigate spills and involuntary releases to the environment, as well as adverse effects on the local community. Eisai requires business partners to document compliance with the code and compliance with existing rules. Partners strictly comply with all applicable cybersecurity, data protection and money laundering laws and regulations in the countries/provinces/states in which they operate and do not infringe on the freedom of communication and data protection of end-users. This clause also applies to family members and other close relatives of Huawei`s staff.

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