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20 december 2020
What Must Be Included In An Employment Agreement
21 december 2020

Dumping is generally international price discrimination, in which the price of a product sold in the import country is less than the price of that product in the exporting country`s market. Thus, in the simplest cases, dumping is simply identified by comparing prices in two markets. However, the situation is rare, if it is so simple, and in most cases it is necessary to take a series of complex analytical measures to determine the reasonable price in the exporting country`s market (known as normal value) and the reasonable price in the import country market (known as export prices) in order to make a reasonable comparison. 6.10.2 In cases where the authorities have limited their review in accordance with this paragraph, they nevertheless set an individual dumping margin for each un retained exporter or producer, which provides the necessary information in a timely manner for this information to be verified during the investigation, unless the number of exporters or producers is large enough for individual audits to be too heavy for the authorities and the investigation is completed in time. Useful. Voluntary reactions should not be discouraged. The World Trade Organization (WTO) plays a crucial role in regulating anti-dumping measures. As an international organization, the WTO does not regulate companies that are accused of dumping, but it does have the power to regulate how governments respond to dumping practices in their territories. 5.9 An anti-dumping procedure does not interfere with customs clearance procedures. 2.2 In the absence of sales of the similar product during normal commercial transactions in the exporting country`s domestic market or if, due to the particular market situation or the low volume of sales in the exporting country`s domestic market (2), these sales do not allow for an appropriate comparison of them, the dumping margin is established for export to an appropriate third country in relation to a comparable price of the similar product exported to a appropriate third country.

, if this price is representative, or with the cost of production in the country of origin, plus a reasonable amount for administrative costs, selling costs and general profits. 3.3 When imports of a product from more than one country are subject to simultaneous anti-dumping investigations, investigating authorities can only make a cumulative assessment of the impact of these imports if: (a) the margin of dumping determined in relation to imports from each country is greater than de minimis in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 8, and the volume of imports from each country is not negligible and (b) a cumulative impact assessment imports, given the conditions of competition between imported products and the conditions of competition between imported and similar domestic products.

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